BECOME A Tecdox #mydogfamily MEMBER!
Do you have influence in dog training, everyday life and home with the dog as well as private dog training and dog sports? Or are you a person who believes in Tecdox? Receive commissions by selling Tecdox products. You can easily participate in our free program. By referring people to the Tecdox website through your own personalized Tecdox web address, you will receive commissions on Tecdox products of up to 10%.

Who is this program designed for?
This program has been created for bloggers, trainers or dog sports teams who would like to promote Tecdox products that they highly value and potentially earn commission on a sale through advertising / links on their website, blog or Insta profile.

How does it work?
It's simple. You can register using the links below. Your application will then be sent to us. Once approved, you can log in to your account. From the home page of your account, you can create your personalized Tecdox URL and promotional materials to send to your customers. You can use the Tecdox member page to view marketing materials and track your progress.

What content does the program offer?
Our membership program offers you the opportunity to share your passion for Tecdox dog products with others and earn a little money in the process. Members receive a 10% commission on Tecdox leashes, collars and harnesses sold. The commission is only valid for orders with prepayment or Paypal. No other payment methods are eligible for commission.

There are two basic ways you can earn money:
- Choose one of our many banner ads for your website that points to your personal URL.
- Share your personalized URL with your customers/readers/friends through your email marketing or social media campaigns.

All of these tools, as well as reports and analytics, are available in your member account!

How do you get paid?
Commissions are paid quarterly via PayPal. A threshold of 50 euros must be reached in order to be paid. If you do not reach this threshold by the end of a quarter, the balance will continue to grow and you will be paid in the quarter in which the threshold is reached.

What is not included?
Currently, Tecdox's membership program is commission-based only, and thus NO DISCOUNTS are offered to members.